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Email & The Internet

The Internet offer a huge array of ways to do anything you want in the world today. Unfortunately this is a blessing and a curse 

There is INFORMATION beyond your wildest dreams, E-mail, WEBSITES, GAMES, E-COMMERCE, CHAT ROOMS, DATING AGENCIES, BANKS, BUSINESSES. Then there is ADULT MATERIAL, HOAXES, SPAM and so much more.

You may be a complete beginner, want to protect your children, your computer or just can't find what you want.  You may want to learn what is there or how to navigate the BILLIONS or things out there.

You may want to share your computer with CHILDREN or want buy a product or service.  We can help you with HOW IT WORKS, GETTING CONNECTED, BROADBAND or WHERE TO GO.  We also have an amazing range of WEBSITES and E-COMMERCE SITES just waiting for you.

We have spent many years getting NEW SURFERS up and running or finding the right way to do anything the INTERNET can offer.  We are constantly updating our experience and knowledge and can save you huge amounts of time and frustration.

If you feel you can learn more or can't get your computer to do what you want Contact Us. You will be glad you did.

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